Flood Insurance in Lexington

Did you know that most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover floods?

In-fact what is a flood?

A flood is a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land, or two or more properties, are inundated by water or mud-flow.

Flood insurance applies to rising water, not falling water, which is a common misconception.

Floods can result from many environmental conditions, including hurricanes, over topped levees, outdated or clogged drainage systems, and rapid accumulation of rainfall.

Flood water damage is devastating to a home and its contents. Homeowners insurance does not normally cover damage caused by flooding. This is important to know; most people don't learn this until it's too late.

Flooding erodes the land because of the rapid movement of water following a severe storm, flash flood, or abnormal tide surge. The definition of flood losses includes this erosion, and also include damage caused by mud flows.

Floods cause massive destruction to everything in their wake. Most people are unaware of the incredible force that a few inches of rain may create. This can result in thousands of dollars in damage repair and restoration costs.

Flood insurance provides financial protection for the destruction and financial devastation caused by floods. Although it may not seem as necessary as homeowners insurance, you will need additional flood insurance coverage to keep your home safe and your possessions secure.

Regardless of where your property is located, you may be affected by severe rain storms, heavy snow melts, storm surges, blocked storm drainage systems, etc. We have the expertise to assist you with this most valuable Flood Insurance coverage.

Always review your specific policy to determine exactly what is covered.

So many property owners are not prepared for the severe financial damages they would suffer in the event of a catastrophic flood. Some believe that their homeowners insurance will protect them, only discovering after the fact that there is no coverage. Others don’t think it will happen to them.

We can help protect your home and valuable assets with flood insurance. As independent agents, we’ll shop the market for you to obtain a policy that’s affordable. We’ll also help you select the policy that’s right for you and for the area in which you live.

It is crucial to review your flood insurance coverage annually, as flood zone mappings change from year to year. Making sure that correct coverage is in place is imperative in the event of a flood. Contact us for more information at (859) 788-7439.

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